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Investigation of lifetimes in the dipole band of 139Sm

: Pasternak, A.A.; Lieder, E.O.; Lieder, R.M.; Chmel, S.; Gast, W.; Venkova, T.; Angelis, G. de; Napoli, D.R.; Gadea, A.; Bazzacco, D.; Menegazzo, R.; Lunardi, S.; Duchene, G.

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The European physical journal. A, Hadrons and nuclei 37 (2008), Nr.3, S.279-286
ISSN: 1434-6001
ISSN: 1434-601X
ISSN: 1431-5831
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alpha particle; branching ratio; DE-excitation; E2-transition; energy spectra; experimental data; gamma cascade; gamma spectra; heavy ion fusion reaction; high spin state; lifetime; M1-transition; MeV range 100-1000; neutron; proton; rotational state; ruthenium 99 target; samarium 139; strength function; titanium 48 reaction

Lifetimes have been measured for a dipole band in 139Sm using DSAM. The deduced B(M1) and B(E2) values as well as B(M1)/B(E2) ratios are compared with calculations in the framework of the TAC (Tilted Axis Cranking) and SPAC (Shears mechanism with Principal Axis Cranking) models. The dipole band in 139Sm can be considered as a magnetic rotational band with a prolate or triaxial nuclear deformation.