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Analysis of spatial cross-correlations in multi-constituent volume data

: Rack, A.; Helfen, L.; Baumbach, T.; Kirste, S.; Banhart, J.; Schladitz, K.; Ohser, J.


Journal of microscopy 232 (2008), Nr.2, S.282-292
ISSN: 0022-2720
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

We investigate spatial cross-correlations between two constituents, both belonging to the same microstructure. These investigations are based on two approaches: one via the measurement of the cross-correlation function and the other uses the spatial distances between the constituents. The cross-correlation function can be measured using the fast Fourier transform, whereas the distances are determined via the Euclidean distance transform. The characteristics are derived from volume images obtained by synchrotron microtomography. As an example we consider pore formation in metallic foams, knowledge of which is important to control the foam production process. For this example, we discuss the spatial cross-correlation between the pore space and the blowing agent particles in detail.