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Widely tunable micro-mechanical external-cavity diode laser emitting around 2.1 µm

Weit durchstimmbarer 2.1µm Diodenlaser mit micromechanischem externen Resonator
: Geerlings, E.; Rattunde, M.; Schmitz, J.; Kaufel, G.; Wagner, J.; Bläsi, B.; Kallweit, D.; Zappe, H.


IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 44 (2008), Nr.11, S.1071-1075
ISSN: 0018-9197
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external cavity; externer Resonator; GaSb; infrared diode laser; Infrarot-Diodenlaser; tuning range; Durchstimmbereich; micro-machine grating; Mikrosystemtechnik

A widely tunable (Delta lambda/lambda = 7%) micro-mechanical external cavity GaSb-based diode laser (mu ECL) emitting around 2.1 mu m is presented. A micro-machined grating with a rectangular grating profile, which can be tilted electrostatically, is employed as wavelength selective element within the external cavity using a Littrow configuration. An optimized grating profile leads to a high diffraction efficiency in the -1st diffraction order and therefore to a broad tuning range of 152 nm. The maximum output power of the fiber coupled mu ECL system varied only moderately between 22 and 10 mW across the tuning range.