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Development and operating experience with a SOFC-CHP system for biogas

Entwicklung und Betriebserfahrungen mit einem SOFC-CHP-System für Biomasse
: Jahn, M.; Stelter, M.; Heddrich, M.; Friedrich, E.; Kusnezoff, M.

European Fuel Cell Forum -EFCF-:
8th European SOFC Forum. CD-ROM : European Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Forum, held at Lucerne Fuel Cell Forum 2008, international fuel cell conference with exhibition. 30 June - 4 July 2008, Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern, Lucerne/Switzerland
Oberrohrdorf, 2008
11 S.
European Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Forum (SOFC) <8, 2008, Lucerne>
Lucerne Fuel Cell Forum <2008, Lucerne>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Biomassevergasung; Festoxidbrennstoffzelle; Inselbetrieb; autonome Energieversorgung; Methan; Entschwefelung; Fermentation; Nachverbrennung; katalytische Reformierung; Betriebserfahrung

In a conjoint project funded by the State Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labor of Saxony (SMWA) the two departments Environmental Technologies and Energy Systems developed a pilot plant for heat and electric power supply based on biomass. In this plant the anaerobic digestion is used to produce biogas with a new and innovative process where the methane production was increased significantly compared to conventional biogas plants. For the utilization of the biogas a SOFC- system based on the planar stack technology of the IKTS was developed and built. For the coupling of fuel cell system and biogas production the system is installed in a container which is equipped with the safety installations for stand-alone operation.