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Analysis of recognition of fructose by imprinted polymers

: Rajkumar, R.; Warsinke, A.; Möhwald, H.; Scheller, F.W.; Katterle, M.


Talanta. The international journal of pure and applied analytical chemistry 76 (2008), Nr.5, S.1119-1123
ISSN: 0039-9140
Fraunhofer IBMT ()

Binding of fructose to the fructose imprinted polymer (MIP(Frc)) and pinacol imprinted polymer (control) were studied both in batch and a flow through mode. The influence of the cross-linkers ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EDMA) and trimethylol propane trimethacrylate (TRIM) on the binding characteristics was analysed. TRIM cross-linked MIPs showed a lower (unspecific) binding for the control polymer (pinacol imprinted) and higher binding of fructose as compared with the EDMA-MIPs. Furthermore interactions of a TRIM cross-linked molecularly imprinted polymer against fructose and its corresponding template were studied using a thermistor. Label-free detection of fructose was realised in the range of 0.5-10 mM. The difference in enthalpy changes between specific binding of fructose to boronic acid moieties of the MIP and non-specific binding to the matrix leads to an 18-fold higher apparent imprinting factor than batch binding studies. Cross-reactivity studies using MIP sensor indicate that the interaction of fructose to MIP generates higher signal than disaccharides. The studies described in this paper demonstrate the potential of direct characterisation of molecular binding events.