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An MR guidewire based on micropultruded fiber-reinforced material

: Krüger, S.; Schmitz, S.; Weiss, S.; Wirtz, D.; Linssen, M.; Schade, H.; Krämer, N.; Spüntrup, E.; Krombach, G.; Bücker, A.


Magnetic resonance in medicine 60 (2008), Nr.5, S.1190-1196
ISSN: 0740-3194
ISSN: 1522-2594
Fraunhofer IPT ()

A novel fiber-reinforced material for the realization of MR guidewires, made using a newly-developed production process, is presented. The MR-safe artificial material provides a high stiffness and torque and allows the production, in a large range of sizes, of nonmetallic MR guidewires with similar mechanical properties as conventional metallic guidewires. Based on this material, a passively visualized MR guidewire has been developed, and was found to conform to existing standards on mechanical stability. Handling and steerability were evaluated in animal studies and were found to be comparable with conventional metallic guidewires. X-ray visibility is provided by a BaSO4- and tungsten-doped jacket. A hydrophilic coating improves sliding properties and hemocompatibility.