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NanoHM - Cutting tools made from nanoscale materials with superhard coatings for dry machining and applications in hardened steels and cast iron

: Kölker, W.; Berg, H. van den; Hünsche, I.; Kursawe, S.; Kessel, H.U.; Richter, V.; Keunecke, M.

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung -BMBF-:
Production Research for Micro- and NanoTechnology : MiNaT 2008 - Fachmesse für Feinwerktechnik, Ultrapräzision, Micro- und Nanotechnologien, Stuttgart, October 7th - 9th, 2008
Stuttgart, 2008
Internationale Fachmesse für Feinwerktechnik, Ultrapräzision, Micro- und Nanotechnologien (MiNaT) <2008, Stuttgart>
Fraunhofer IST ()

During the last decade industrial cutting applications are dominated by economically driven tendencies into dry, high speed and hard machining and by new heavy duty cast iron materials. The mechanical, thermal and tribochemical loads on the tools are appoaching limits for the existing cutting materials. To reach out beyond these limits new cutting materials have to be designed with even higher capacities in thermal and mechanical loading. Concept studies based on nanoscale cemented carbide in combination with nanocrystalline superhard coatings show a promissing outlook. Aim of the project is the realization of the entire production chain of tools based on these concepts. It includes powder production, compacting and sintering technology, the optimization of the tool grinding process and the development of coating processes for new highly wear resistant superhard coatings. It is supported by simulation techniques and advanced material analysis and characterization. The coatings are based on ternary and quarternary nitride systems and cubic boron nitride. Finally demonstrator tools will be tested in laboratory as well as under real industrial production conditions. The project consortiums expertise offers the opportunity for the realization of an integrated industrial manufacturing process of outstanding next generation high performance tools.