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Organizational innovation: The challenge of measuring non-technical innovation in large-scale surveys

: Armbruster, H.; Bikfalvi, A.; Kinkel, S.; Lay, G.


Technovation 28 (2008), Nr.10, S.644-657
ISSN: 0166-4972
Fraunhofer ISI ()
organizational innovation; non-technical innovation; survey; measurement; diffusion of innovation

Although the implementation of innovative organizational concepts is considered to be highly important for a company's competitiveness, so far there has been little research on possible approaches to measure and monitor organizational innovations in large-scale surveys. Based on an item-oriented typology of organizational innovations which serves as the precondition for a common understanding, we describe and compare how organizational innovations have been measured through existing surveys in Europe. Using a large-scale survey comprising data of 1450 German manufacturing companies, we show how these different approaches lead to significantly different results regarding the organizational innovativeness of companies within one and the same sample. We derive four implications for the future measurement and monitoring of organizational innovations. Our findings contribute to the further development of an adequate methodology for an organizational innovation monitoring system.