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Early hydrogen user centres and corridors as part of the european hydrogen energy roadmap (HyWays)

: Stiller, C.; Seydel, P.; Bünger, U.; Wietschel, M.


International journal of hydrogen energy 33 (2008), Nr.16, S.4193-4208
ISSN: 0360-3199
Fraunhofer ISI ()
HyWays; hydrogen Infrastructure; hydrogen corridor; hydrogen user centre

Within the HyWays project, hydrogen user centres and corridors for the early phase of hydrogen commercialisation have been selected for 10 European countries by a large number of stakeholders based on a set of indicators. The purpose is to detect realistic starting points for hydrogen use and facilitate modelling of further deployment of hydrogen use and supply infrastructure. The results reveal that stakeholders anticipate mostly highly populated regions as early hydrogen user centres, as well as corridors linking the regions and enabling commuting in the vicinity.