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Benetzung von TMP und CTMP aus Holz sowie gebrauchten mitteldichten Faserplatten (MDF)

On the wettability of fibres made by the TMP- and CTMP-process from pine wood and recycling medium density fibreboards (MDF)
: Roffael, E.; Dix, B.; Behn, C.; Bär, G.


Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff 66 (2008), Nr.5, S.389-390
ISSN: 0018-3768
Fraunhofer WKI ()
pine wood; UF-bonded MDF; thermo-mechanical pulp (TMP); chemo-thermo-mechanical pulp; wettability of fibre

Subject TMP (thermo-mechanical pulps) and CTMP (chemo-thermo-mechanical pulps) were made from pine wood and recycling MDF, which has been prepared from pine wood too. The fibres were tested for their wettability using the method developed by Roffael et al. (2002). The results reveal that TMP are much less wettable in comparison to CTMP from the same wood. Moreover, fibres made from UF-bonded MDF by the TMP- and CTMP-process are of much higher wettability compared to TMP and CTMP prepared directly from wood. No significant difference in the wettability between TMP and CTMP from UF-bonded MDF was detected. This behaviour has been attributed to the fact that the UF-resin in MDF degrades during thermohydrolytic pulping leading to the formation of ammonia and free urea. Therefore, pulping of UF-bonded boards takes place under chemo-thermo-mechanical conditions (CTMP).