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Impact of boostering for the strength of asthma parameters and dendritic cell numbers in a C57BL/6 model of allergic airway inflammation

: Hartwig, C.; Constabel, H.; Neumann, D.; Hoymann, H.-G.; Tschernig, T.; Behrens, G.M.N.


Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology 60 (2008), Nr.6, S.425-434
ISSN: 0940-2993
Fraunhofer ITEM ()
ovalbumin; sensitization; asthma; dendritic cell

Background: Murine models assist in elucidating the pathogenesis of allergic asthma and evaluation of new therapeutic strategies. We aimed to assess the requirement of boostering needed in the BL/6 murine asthma model and its influence on DC populations in lungs and bronchial lymph nodes. Methods and results: Two injections of OVA + alum - one sensitization and one booster - followed by two aerosol challenges were sufficient to induce a distinct asthma-like inflammation in BL/6 mice, including significant increased immunoglobutin (IgE) level, influx of eosinophils in the airway lumen, and evident histopathology. Using this protocol, CD11C(high)MHC-II+ DC counts in lungs and lymph nodes doubled with no changes of CD8(+) DC in the lungs but increase in lung-draining lymph nodes. Conclusions: Given the site-specific changes of dendritic cell (DC) subpopulations during allergic asthma we propose a distinct regulation of antigen transport and antigen presentation in the murine asthma model.