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Multiple substrate microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition single crystal diamond synthesis

: Asmussen, J.; Grotjohn, T.A.; Schuelke, T.; Becker, M.F.; Yaran, M.K.; King, D.J.; Wicklein, S.; Reinhard, D.K.


Applied Physics Letters 93 (2008), Nr.3, Art. 031502, 3 S.
ISSN: 0003-6951
ISSN: 1077-3118
Fraunhofer IWS ()

A multiple substrate, microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition synthesis process for single crystal diamond (SCD) is demonstrated using a 915 MHz reactor. Diamond synthesis was performed using input chemistries of 6-8% of CH4/H-2, microwave input powers of 10-11.5 kW, substrate temperatures of 1100-1200 degrees C, and pressures of 110-135 Torr. The simultaneous synthesis of SCD over 70 diamond seeds yielded good quality SCD with deposition rates of 14-21 mu m/h. Multiple deposition runs totaling 145 h of deposition time added 1.8-2.5 mm of diamond material to each of the 70 seed crystals.