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Policies to support renewable energies in the heat market

: Bürger, V.; Klinski, S.; Lehr, U.; Leprich, U.; Nast, M.; Ragwitz, M.


Energy policy 36 (2008), Nr.8, S.3150-3159
ISSN: 0301-4215
Fraunhofer ISI ()
instrument; renewable heat; bonus model

Whereas the contribution from renewable energies in the electrical power market is increasing rapidly, similar progress in the heat market is yet to be made. A prerequisite for progress is the development of innovative support instruments that transcend the usual support through public subsidies or tax reductions. We present an overview of the various classes of possible instruments. Some particularly interesting instruments will be selected and evaluated, comparing them qualitatively and quantitatively for the case of Germany. The most favourable model is found to be a new, allocation-financed1 model known as the Bonus Model. This model will be described in more detail.