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Micro-bending tests: A comparison between three-dimensional discrete dislocation dynamics simulations and experiments

: Motz, C.; Weygand, D.; Senger, J.; Gumbsch, P.


Acta Materialia 56 (2008), Nr.9, S.1942-1955
ISSN: 1359-6454
Fraunhofer IWM ()
bending test; dislocation dynamic; plastic deformation; strain gradient plasticity; copper

Discrete dislocation dynamics simulations in three dimensions are performed on micro-sized bending beams and the results are compared with experiments. A strong size dependence of the flow stress rf (or bending moment) is found. The flow stress scales approximately inversely with the beam thickness t. The simulations show that the dislocation structure exhibits pronounced pile-ups around the neutral plane of the beam. The back stress from these pile-ups on the dislocation sources is analyzed by means of an analytical pile-up model. It is shown that the scaling behavior rf / t 1 can be explained by a combination of pile-up and source size limitation. Subsequently, the applicability of strain gradient plasticity models on micro-bending is discussed.