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Progress towards quantitative computed tomography as a tool for industrial inspection

: Fuchs, T.; Schön, T.; Krumm, M.; Schorr, C.; Kasperl, S.; Hanke, R.

Staudacher, S.:
European Conference on Materials and Structures in Aerospace 2008 : May 26-27, 2008, Berlin
Düsseldorf: VDI-Verlag, 2008 (VDI-Berichte 2028)
ISBN: 978-3-18-092028-3
European Conference on Materials and Structures in Aerospace (EUCOMAS) <1, 2008, Berlin>
Fraunhofer IIS ()

In order to optimize a Computed Tomography (CT) system with respect to quantitative accuracy of the reconstructed value the CT reconstruction process was evaluated. The conventional Feldkamp algorithm for cone-beam reconstruction produces insufficient image quality especially for large cone-angle. So, to get quantitative accurateness, alternative data acquisition schemes like helical scanning were evaluated and tested. In addition, an iterative multi-material beam hardening correction method was developed and implemented which allows for a drastic reduction of beam-hardening artefacts in objects containing several chemically different materials.