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Visual analytics

Definition, process, and challenges
: Keim, D.; Andrienko, G.; Fekete, J.-D.; Görg, C.; Kohlhammer, J.; Melancon, G.

Kerren, A.:
Information visualization. Human centered issues and perspectives
Berlin: Springer, 2008 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4950)
ISBN: 3-540-70955-X
ISBN: 978-3-540-70955-8
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visual analytic; information visualization; human centered computing; application

We are living in a world which faces a rapidly increasing amount of data to be dealt with on a daily basis. In the last decade, the steady improvement of data storage devices and means to create and collect data along the way influenced our way of dealing with information: Most of the time, data is stored without filtering and refinement for later use. Virtually every branch of industry or business, and any political or personal activity nowadays generate vast amounts of data. Making matters worse, the possibilities to collect and store data increase at a faster rate than our ability to use it for making decisions. However, in most applications, raw data has no value in itself; instead we want to extract the information contained in it.