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Grid engineering for networked and multi-scale manufacturing

: Constantinescu, Carmen; Westkämper, Engelbert


Mitsuishi, M. ; International Institution for Production Engineering Research -CIRP-, Paris; Japan Society of Precision Engineering -JSPE-, Tokyo:
Manufacturing Systems and Technologies for the New Frontier : The 41st CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems May 26-28, 2008, Tokyo, Japan
London: Springer, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-8480-0266-1
ISBN: 1-8480-0266-1
Conference on Manufacturing Systems <41, 2008, Tokyo>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Unternehmensmodellierung; grid technology; digital manufacturing; digital factory; Fertigungssystem; Simulation

Networked and multi-scale manufacturing systems are expected to have much more flexibility to respond to dramatic changes in the world market. A real responsiveness might come from dynamic and unlimited resource accessibility rather than from rigid factory structures and boundaries. New challenges arising from these requirements, as Reference Model of Factory Planning, Reference Factory Data Model and continuously and multi-scale integration and synchronization of Engineering and Manufacturing Worlds guide our research on Grid Engineering for Manufacturing. A concept with a holistic approach and a software infrastructure framework are proposed as our solution for the rapid prototyping of factories based on integrating grid technology with digital manufacturing technologies.