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Regulatory foresight: Methodologies and selected applications

: Blind, K.


Technological forecasting and social change 75 (2008), Nr.4, S.496-516
ISSN: 0040-1625
Fraunhofer ISI ()
foresight; regulation; standard; indicator; Delphi survey

This paper on previous termregulatory foresightnext term addresses approaches which allow future fields for previous termregulatorynext term action to be identified. We follow a rather wide perception of regulation and include standards and standardisation as elements of the previous termregulatorynext term framework. The paper presents three methodologies appropriate for performing previous termregulatory term First, an approach is presented which makes use of science and technology indicators and enables the identification of possible fields which may cause challenges for the previous termregulatorynext term framework and the previous termregulatorynext term bodies. Second, survey approaches are displayed which enable previous termregulatorynext term bodies to identify future needs for regulations. Finally, the usability of the Delphi methodology is discussed and results of a Delphi survey in the telecommunication area are presented. The paper concludes with a comparative analysis of the three methodological approaches regarding their effectiveness to conduct previous termregulatory foresight.