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Transparent ceramics: Transmission physics and consequences for materials selection, manufacturing, and applications

Transparente Keramik. Transmissionsphysik sowie Konsequenzen für die Werkstoffauswahl, Herstellung und Anwendungen.
: Krell, A.; Hutzler, T.; Klimke, J.

Heinrich, J.G. ; Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft e.V. -DKG-; European Ceramic Society:
10th International Conference and Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society, ECerS 2007. Proceedings : Berlin, June 17-21 2007
Baden-Baden: Göller, 2007
ISBN: 3-87264-022-4
European Ceramic Society (International Conference and Exhibition) <10, 2007, Berlin>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
transparent ceramic; translucent ceramic; light transmission; defect-free processing; alumina Al2O3; spinel MgO.Al2O3; AlON; yttria Y2O3; garnet YAG; zirconia ZrO2; lighting; IR-emitter; laser ceramic; lens; microlithography; tool; dental ceramic; gemstone; armour; transparente Keramik; Lichttransmission; Aluminiumoxid; Spinell; Yttriumaluminiumgranat; Zirkoniumoxid; Laserwerkstoff; Mikrolithographie; Werkzeug; Dentalkeramik; Armierung; Edelstein

The fundamental difference of translucent and transparent transmission gives rise to conditions for correct photographic presentation and transmission measurements. Comparing amorphous, single crystalline and sintered polycrystalline transparent materials, prerequisites of clear transparency are derived for inherent materials properties and for optimum microstructures. Manufacturing principles differ for transparent cubic and non-cubic ceramics and have to respond (i) to microstructural requirements, (ii) to available raw materials, and (iii) to shape, size, and properties of products. Present and potential future applications are addressed and are governed by a sensible balance of individual needs in different fields of the industry and of costs of development and manufacture.