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Management of innovation systems. The role of distributed intelligence

: Kuhlmann, S.

Antwerpen: Maklu Uitgevers N.V., 2001, 44 S.
Nijmwegen Lectures on Innovation Management
ISBN: 90-6215-789-0
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Policymakers and strategies dealing with technology and innovation are using an increasing number of intelligence tooks and techniques to provide themselves with the data they need. Science and technology foresight studies, technology assessment and policy evaluation have become increasingly sophisticated. In the future, however, more will be needed. The complexity of the modern world, the curcial, but also contentious role of innovation in the economy, the manifold consequences, intended and unintended, of research and innovation policies and the increasing number and diversity of actors involved ask for improved and more widely distributed intelligence. In this monograph, Stefan Kuhlmann reviews the tools available and investigates the possibilities for combining and integrating them. He also explores the requirements of a system architecture for distributed intelligence, which public and coporate policymakers could use to get access to strategic intelligence output produced in different locations for different reasons.