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Novel machine system for simultaneous heat treatment with dynamic beam shaping

Neues Maschinensystem für simultane Wärmebehandlung mit dynamischer Strahlformung
: Bonß, S.; Hannweber, J.; Seifert, M.; Kühn, S.; Karsunke, U.; Brenner, B.; Beyer, E.

Kujanpää, V. ; Lappeenranta University of Technology -LTY-:
11th NOLAMP Conference. CD-ROM : 11th NOLAMP Conference in Laser Processing of Materials. Lappeenranta, August 20 - 22, 2007
Lappeenranta, 2007 (Acta Universitatis Lappeenrantaensis 273)
ISBN: 978-952-214412-6
Conference on Laser Materials Processing in the Nordic Countries (NOLAMP) <11, 2007, Lappeenranta>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
Laserstrahlerwärmung; Wärmebehandlung=Materialbearbeitung; Robotertechnik; Fertigung; YAG-Laser; Maschinensteuerung

Laser heat treatment establishes itself as a complement of conventional hardening technologies. Reliable high power diode lasers and development of process supporting systems and components reduce the threshold of applying this technology in industrial manufacturing. Integration of multi functions into one machine part is a current trend in manufacturing. Therefore a highly integrated machine part needs different specific materials properties at several areas. Local laser heat treatment can generate zones with higher strength and wear resistance at steel parts and keep very close-by zones tough and unaffected. Hardening of corners and around edges without annealing zones between single hardening tracks can be done by applying two laser spots simultaneously. Beam splitter or two fix positioned diode laser heads can be applied for simple contours. Complicated 3D-contours need a repositioning of the two laser spots and for a well adapted hardening zone a dynamic beam shaping to get a well adapted laser spot at every location of the hardening zone. A novel machine system based on two cooperating robots with two fibre coupled high power diode lasers and two dynamic beam shaping systems has been developed and is now running for development and manufacturing. The paper will present the new machine system and first industrial laser hardening applications.
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