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Structural and optical investigations of Nd-doped fluorozirconate-based glass ceramics for enhanced upconverted fluorescence

: Ahrens, B.; Eisenschmidt, C.; Johnson, J.A.; Miclea, P.T.; Schweizer, S.


Applied Physics Letters 92 (2008), Nr.6, Art. 061905, 3 S.
ISSN: 0003-6951
ISSN: 1077-3118
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fluorozirconate glass ceramic; powder diffraction; upconversion; nanocrystal; enhancement; lifetime

We found enhanced upconverted fluorescence in Nd3+-doped fluorozirconate glasses which were additionally doped with chlorine ions. Upon annealing between 240 and 290°C, hexagonal phase BaCl2 nanocrystals between 20 and 180 nm in diameter were formed in the glass. During the thermal processing, some of the Nd3+ ions enter the nanocrystals leading to additional splitting of the infrared fluorescence spectra and to increased upconverted fluorescence intensities. The optimum value was found for the 270°C sample where the upconverted fluorescence intensity is approximately a factor of 60 stronger than the one found for the as-made glass.