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Business cases for virtual human technology

Evaluation and exploitation
: Reinecke, A.B.; Rössler, M.; Günther, N.; Eckes, C.; Hülsken, F.

International Journal of Virtual Reality 6 (2007), Nr.4, S.67-76
ISSN: 1081-1451
Fraunhofer IAIS ()
avatar; dialog system; human-machine interface; HMI; real-time animation

One of the main goals of the Virtual Human project was to develop technologies for using Virtual Humans as
Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI) to complex technical devices and systems. Another important and growing field of application for Virtual Humans is the education and entertainment sector and especially the combination of both often called "infotainment".The task of our three companies in this project was to provide resources and concepts for demonstrators and presentations and to evaluate and use the research results for commercial products. This paper presents an overview of the technologies which were developed and provided by the companies and of the products which were developed using the research results of the project.