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Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur elektrostatischen Fixierung von Substraten mit polarisierbaren Molekülen

Substrate e.g. plastic foil, treating method for production of e.g. flexible display, involves removing flexible surface electrode of carrier by peeling such that pull off force works along line, and arranging insulation layer
: Landesberger, C.

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DE 102006013517 A: 20060323
DE 102006013517 A: 20060323
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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(A1) Ein Verfahren zum Handhaben eines Substrats mit polarisierbaren Molekülen umfasst das Bereitstellen eines Trägers mit einer ersten Flächenelektrode und das Anordnen des Substrats zwischen der ersten Flächenelektrode und einer zweiten Flächenelektrode. Ein Fixieren des Substrats an dem Träger wird durch ein Anlegen einer Spannung zwischen der ersten Flächenelektrode und der zweiten Flächenelektrode, so dass die polarisierbaren Moleküle polarisiert werden, erreicht. Nach dem Entfernen der zweiten Flächenelektrode bleibt das Substrat an dem Träger fixiert.


DE 102006013517 A1 UPAB: 20071108 NOVELTY - The method involves providing a carrier (5) with a surface electrode (12), and arranging a substrate (15) e.g. paper foil, between the electrode and another surface electrode (20). Voltage is applied between the electrodes such that polarizable molecules of the substrate are polarized, and the substrate is fixed to the carrier. The electrode (20) is flexible and is removed by peeling such that a pull off force works along a line, where the substrate remains fixed at the carrier. An insulation layer (11) is arranged between the substrate and the electrode (12) and/or the electrode (20). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a device for treating a substrate, which has polarizable molecules. USE - Used for treating a substrate such as plastic foil, paper foil or metal foil, which is utilized for the production of an electronic system, flexible display, flexible solar cell and flexible light surface. ADVANTAGE - The insulating layer improves retention force and prevents an electrical intersection, thus offering the substrate with high retention force with good laminar surface pressure. The carrier ensures a very even contact between the substrate and a mother board. The method facilitates fixing and detaching of the substrates to be performed in a very fast, simple, automated and problem-free manner. The method eliminates additional sticking processes, and avoids contamination with chemicals or solvents from adhesives or wax, thus avoiding cleaning after the removal of the substrate from the carrier.