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VPS/UV: Progress, new findings and recent developments

VPS/UV: Fortschritt, neue Entwicklungen und Ergebnisse
: Schneider, Matthias

4th International VirtualPaintShop® Users Meeting 2007 : 1997-2007: 10 Years Towards the Virtual Process Chain in Car Body Painting at CADFEM. 5/6. November, 2007, Munich
München, 2007
9 S.
International VirtualPaintShop Users Meeting (VPS) <4, 2007, München>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
UV radiation; UV curing; coating technology; process optimization; UV-Strahler; UV-Härtung; Lackiertechnik; Prozeßoptimierung; Simulation

UV curing technology is increasingly used also in complex 3D applications. In order to achieve a consistent curing quality for the products, UV irradiation should be as homogenous as possible across the 3D workpiece surface. In the industry there is a strong demand for helpful tools for an efficient planning and optimization of 3D curing processes. A new simulation program, developed in collaboration with a lamp manufacturer, a software distributor, and an automotive manufacturer, will be presented that allows for the modelling of 3D-UV curing processes, i. e. calculation of irradiance and dose, for arbitrarily shaped 3D objects with respect to lamp positioning, number of lamps needed, power output, lamp motions, conveying speeds, etc. The program has already been successfully used to simulate automotive UV curing processes.