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Schichtstabilität und Duktilität bei der Mikrostrukturierung technischer Gläser im Heißformgebungsprozess

Coating stability and ductility in microstructuring of technical glasses by hot forming processes
: Fritzsch, M.

Zwickau, 2008, 85 S.
Zwickau, FH, Dipl.-Arb., 2008
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Glas; Heißformgebung; Heißprägen; Beschichtung; Haftung; Mikrosystemtechnik; glass; hot forming; hot embossing; coating; adherence; MEMS

The material glass is used in more and more applications in the micro system technology. Regarding economic viewpoints it is especially advantageous to form microstructures by hot embossing. With this forming process it is problematically, that glass melts own a certain sticking addiction at relevant temperatures. Up to now was tried to counteract the adherence merely with a suitable tool coating. In this work it is now tried to prevent the adherence between glass and tools by coating of the substrates or at last to shift this behaviour in a temperature area irrelevant for the hot embossing process. It is examined how different layers affect the sticking addiction. For the investigations thin gold, carbon, silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide layers were chosen. After analysis of the suitability in principle the ductility properties of the particular layers are examined. A suspension or shift of the sticking behaviour in a temperature area irrelevant for the hot embossing process would allow considerable advantages for industry and research.