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A VLSI implementation of the graphics standard GKS

First published in Eurographics Proceedings 1983
: Encarnação, José L.; Lindner, Rolf; Mehl, M.; Pfaff, G.; Straßer, Wolfgang

Bono, P.R.:
GKS Theory and Practice
Berlin/West: Springer, 1987
ISBN: 0-387-18257-8
ISBN: 3-540-18257-8
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Fraunhofer IGD ()
graphics standard; Graphical Kernel System (GKS); very large scale integration (VLSI); graphics workstations

The main advantage when using a standardized graphics system is quite obvious: the application programs become portable. Integrating such a system - and GKS (Graphical Kernel System) is the only one being standardized internationally - into VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) chips, this graphics system may become an integral part of graphical devices. This guarantees a uniform interface of such devices to GKS applications. Devices of many different kinds will become compatible not only with respect to plugging but even in their logical behaviour, eliminating all device dependencies from the host software.
We have started to design the GKS-chip which will be able to be used in a great variety of devices (vector and raster type). The GKS-chip will bring the computational power to support real time picture updates, limited only by the maximally attainable output data rate.