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DIPP: Development of innovative particleboard (Chipboard) panels for a better mechanical performance and a lower environmental impact

: Balducci, F.; Harper, C.; Meinlschmidt, P.; Dix, B.; Sanasi, A.

Ambienta Katalog 2007 : 34. Medunarodni Sajam Namestaja, Unutarnjeg Uredenja i Pratece Industrije; 16.-21.11. 2007, Zagreb
Zagreb, 2007
6 Bl.
AMBIENTA, International Furniture, Interior Decoration and Supporting Industry Fair <34, 2007, Zagreb>
Fraunhofer WKI ()

One aim of a joint European project called DIPP is the development of lightweight particleboards made from annual/perennial farm plants such as hemp, sunflower, topinambur, maize and miscanthus. These lightweight particleboards are intended to be a possible substitution for traditional wood-based particleboards used in the furniture industry. Therefore the requirements of the EN 312 concerning the moisture-related and mechanical properties of boards for interior use have to be fulfilled.
For the production of lightweight boards particles with high intra-porosity should be used. In this way some agricultural plants are most suitable for this purpose, because the stalks of sunflower, topinambur and maize are filled with light parenchyma cells.