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Self-paced exploration of the Austrian National Library through thought

: Leeb, Robert; Settgast, Volker; Fellner, Dieter W.; Pfurtscheller, Gert

International journal of bioelectromagnetism 9 (2007), Nr.4, S.237-244
ISSN: 1456-7857
ISSN: 1456-7865
Fraunhofer IGD ()
virtual environment; navigation; Brain-Computer-Interface; BCI

The results of a self-paced Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) are presented which are based on the detection of senorimotor electroencephalogram rhythms during motor imagery. The participants were given the task of moving through a virtual model of the Austrian National Library by performing motor imagery. This work shows that five participants which were trained in a synchronous BCI could sucessfully perform the asynchronous experiment.