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The systematic Adaptation of Perspective-based Inspections to Software Development Projects

: Laitenberger, O.; Kohler, K.

Lawford, M.:
1st Workshop on Inspection in Software Engineering, WISE '01. Proceedings
Hamilton: Software Quality Research Lab, 2001
S.105-114 : Ill., Lit.
Workshop on Inspection in Software Engineering (WISE) <1, 2001, Paris>
Fraunhofer IESE ()
software inspection; reading technology; perspective-based reading

Software inspection is an established approach for detecting and removing defects immediately after software documents are created. However, the advance of software technologies, processes, and methods, such as the widespread adoption of object-orientation, raises new problems regarding software quality assurance with inspections. An important one is the question of how developers can perform the individual defect detection activity of an inspection in a systematic manner. Recent results suggest the use of scenario-based reading techniques for this purpose. Among the existing scenario-based techniques the perspective-based reading technique is particularly promising, since it can be used in a cost-effective manner for the systematic defect detection in various document types. Cost-effectiveness benefits, however, are only feasible if the technique is appropriately tailored to the characteristics of the software development project. The goal of this paper is to present asystematic process on how to perform the tailoring. An example is detailed to illustrate the process. Following the process described in this paper allows practitioners to upgrade their existing inspection approach with a more systematic reading technique, that is, to implement and perform perspective-based inspections. The benefits are more rigorous inspections with an improvement of inspection cost-effectiveness.