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An integrated collaboration environment for various types of collaborative knowledge work

Eine integrierte Kollaborationsumgebung für verschiedene Typen kollaborativer Wissensarbeit
: Fuchs-Kittowski, F.; Siegeris, E.

Carrara, G. ; Sapienza University of Rome:
1st Workshop on Integrated Practices for the 21st Century. Collaborative Working Environments : 13th-15th December 2007, Rome; Proceedings
Rom: Sapienza University of Rome, 2007
Collaborative Architectural and Building Design (CollABD) <2007, Rome>
Fraunhofer ISST ()
Wissensarbeit; Kollaboration; Kooperation; Typen; Netz; Team; community

In knowledge work, different types of collaboration can be distinguished. Because of close relationships between these collaboration types, it is necessary to support them together in an integrated collaboration environment. Using case studies, this paper describes various types of collaboration practice and demonstrates the necessity of their integrated support. Based on this, the concept of the integration of different types of collaboration in an integrated environment is presented here. Furthermore, a prototype implementation of such an integrated environment is offered.