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Application of a multi-channel zero-resistance current amplifier for screening processes

Anwendung eines Mehrkanal-Stromverstärkers mit Nullwiderstand für Screening-Verfahren
: Plagemann, P.; Anton, A.; Yezerska, O.; Schneider, M.; Schrems, P.


Materials and corrosion 58 (2007), Nr.12, S.940-945
ISSN: 0947-5117
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Korrosionsprüfung; Rauschmessung; Screening-Verfahren; Stromverstärkung; simultanes Messverfahren; Aluminiumkupfermagnesiumlegierung; Natriumchlorid; Konzentrationseinfluss; Korrosionsinhibitor; Benztriazol; Vergleichsuntersuchung; Polarisationskurve; Näherungsverfahren; Pigmentfarbstoff

In addition to being a very useful monitoring technique, electrochemical noise analysis is also particularly suitable for screening purposes. A multi-channel zero-resistance current amplifier was designed in order to be able to carry out multiple noise measurements simultaneously, thus allowing a greater number of tests to be performed in a given time.
Electrochemical noise measurements were carried out on AA 2024 in NaCl solutions of different concentrations and in the presence of inhibitors to highlight the practical relevance of this analytical method. The results show that the noise data can be evaluated in a simple and clear way using the noise charge.
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