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Which side of the coin? The regional governance of science and innovation

: Koschatzky, K.; Kroll, H.


Regional studies. Journal of the Regional Studies Association 41 (2007), Nr.8, S.1115-1127
ISSN: 0034-3404
Fraunhofer ISI ()
regional governance; science policy; strategic intelligence; multi-level governance; federal system; Bremen

The paper deals with the impact of recent trends in the devolution of political powers in science, technology and innovation policies. It argues that some problems are associated with this regionalization because the emerging multi-level governance structures turn political action into a complex bargaining process between actor groups with partially conflicting interests. The paper sketches the theoretical potentials and limitations of science, technology and innovation policy designed at the regional level. Based on regional evidence from the German federal system, it demonstrates which policy aspects are suitable for devolution to regional governments and how they can be integrated in multi-level governance structures.