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UV-light irradiation effect on room-temperature-processed ZnO/p-Si

: Kang, Y.J.; Cho, C.-R.; Jeong, S.-Y.; Kim, H.-S.; Ahn, H.-S.


Journal of the Korean Physical Society 51 (2007), Nr.12, S.S115-S119
ISSN: 0374-4884 (Print)
ISSN: 1976-8524 (Online)
Fraunhofer IGB ()

Depositions of n-ZnO thin film on p-Si substrate were carried out with changing deposition times of 10, 40 and 80 minutes at room temperature. The thickness of deposited film was 20, 90 and 150 run, respectively. The effects of UV-light irradiation were verified with many kinds of measurement techniques. The wettability of the films decreased with increasing UV exposure time. The thickest film showed the largest range of change of wettability. From the photoluminescence data, UV and violet emission occurred when the film was just deposited. The leakage current decreased with UV-light irradiation. It was thought that the surface modification effect was the reason.