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Cathode ray tube recycling

: Sihn, Wilfried; Schmitz, Klaus; Morawetz, Christian; Hornberger, Markus; Dully, Stefan

Kompetenzzentrum Elektronik & Umwelt -KERP-, Wien:
Eco-X: Sustainable Recycling Management & Recycling Network Centrope : Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference. May 9-11, 2007, Vienna
Wien, 2007
ISBN: 978-3-200-00920-2
International ECO-X Conference <2, 2007, Wien>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
WEEE; Cathode Ray Tube (CRT); Centrope; Entsorgung; Recycling

To enhance the further coalescence of the regions in Centrope, a project called Recycling Network Centrope was initiated in 2006. The projects concern was to promote business contacts with companies from Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. First of all, existing structures of the recycling market in the Centrope region were analysed to derive possible cooperation options for the companies involved.
In evaluating the company-specific requirements, two primary areas of action were identified. On the one hand, it deals with requirements that result from complying with new regulations, such as the directive 2002/96/EC (WEEE) of the European Parliament and of the Council. On the other hand requirements and challenges that result from new technology solutions. The change from cathode ray tubes to LCD and plasma displays causes the decline of existing market potential for cathode ray tube (CRT) glass in the production of new displays.
This paper describes the future trends for CRT glass. It first estimates the current sales volume of CRT glass before illustrating the future decrease in sales volume. Furthermore, it points out applications for CRT glass and neccessary steps that can lead to a reuse of CRT glass.