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Berechnung der Durchgangsdämpfung eines Abgasschalldämpfers mit ANSYS

Computation of the transmission loss of an exhaust gas muffler with ANSYS
: Kranz, B.

CAD-FEM GmbH, Grafing; ANSYS Germany GmbH, Otterfing; Fluent Deutschland GmbH, Darmstadt:
ANSYS Conference & 25. CADFEM Users' Meeting. Conference proceedings. CD-ROM : 21. - 23. November 2007, Internationales Congress Center Dresden
Grafing b. München: CADFEM, 2007
ISBN: 3-937523-04-9
S.1.6.3-1.6.4, 8 S.
CAD-FEM Users´ Meeting <25, 2007, Dresden>
ANSYS Conference <2007, Dresden>
Fraunhofer IWU ()
transmission loss; exhaust gas muffler; acoustic; FEM; Akustik; Durchgangsdämpfung; Abgasschalldämpfer

During the enhancements of exhaust gas mufflers e.g. through the application of alternative production technologies constructive changes are necessary usually for the adjustment to the manufacturing possibilities of these alternative technologies.In order to be able to estimate the acoustic effects of such modifications, comparative computations of the transmission loss of the muffler are helpful. In the article the computation of the transmission loss of a exhaust gas muffler is represented using the acoustic 3-D fluid elements of ANSYS (fluid30). Special attention is put on the evaluation of the FE results regarding sound power. The peculiarities of the fluid30-elements will be discussed.