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Demonstration of TNSA proton radiography on the National Ignition Facility Advanced Radiographic Capability (NIF-ARC) laser

: Simpson, Raspberry; Mariscal, Derek; Kim, J.; Scott, G.G.; Williams, G.J.; Grace, Elizabeth; McGuffey, C.; Wilks, S.; Kemp, A.; Lemos, Nuno; Djordjevic, B.Z.; Folsom, E.; Kalantar, D.; Zacharias, R.; Pollock, B.; Moody, J.; Beg, F.; Morace, A.; Iwata, Natsumi; Sentoku, Y.; Manuel, M.J.-E.; Mauldin, M.; Quinn, M.; Youngblood, K.; Gatu-Johnson, M.; Lahmann, B.; Haefner, Constantin Leon; Neely, D.; Ma, Tammy


Plasma physics and controlled fusion 63 (2021), Nr.12, Art. 124006, 9 S.
ISSN: 1361-6587
ISSN: 0741-3335
Fraunhofer ILT ()
proton radiography; target-normal-sheath acceleration; advanced radiographic capability

Proton radiography using short-pulse laser drivers is an important tool in high-energy density (HED) science for dynamically diagnosing key characteristics in plasma interactions. Here we detail the first demonstration of target-normal sheath acceleration (TNSA)-based proton radiography the NIF-ARC laser system aided by the use of compound parabolic concentrators (CPCs). The multi-kJ energies available at the NIF-ARC laser allows for a high-brightness proton source for radiography and thus enabling a wide range of applications in HED science. In this demonstration, proton radiography of a physics package was performed and this work details the spectral properties of the TNSA proton probe as well as description of the resulting radiography quality.