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Decolonising transitions in the Global South: Towards more epistemic diversity in transitions research

: Ghosh, Bipashyee; Ramos-Mejía, Mónica; Carvalho Machado, Rafael; Lestari Yuana, Suci; Schiller, Katharina


Environmental innovation and societal transitions 41 (2021), S.106-109
ISSN: 2210-4224
Fraunhofer ISI ()
sustainability transition; Global south; Decolonialisation; Epistemic diversity; just transitions; participatory research

Research on sustainability transitions in the Global South has evolved since its inception a decade ago. Yet, many issues concerning the hegemony of Western knowledge systems and practices continue to impact research on transitions in the Global South. This viewpoint suggests several ways to address these issues through decolonialising transitions research: namely through acknowledging everyday struggles faced in the Global South, explicitly addressing questions of power, informal institutions, inequality and injustice that permeate transitions in the Global South and integrating truly participatory research methods that value research ‘subjects’ and embrace the transformative activities and communities of practices. Drawing on half a decade of formal and informal knowledges exchanges led by "Transitions in the Global South" thematic group of STRN, it is time for our community to embrace a fresh and alternative approach to understanding, mainstreaming and implementing transitions in the Global South.