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Method and apparatus for the extraction of lithium from aqueous lithium sources

: Hippauf, Felix; Alrasheed, Radwan; Abendroth, Thomas; Al Jilil, Saad; Althues, Holger; Kaskel, Stefan; Alyousef, Yousef M.

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WO 2021160239 A1: 20200210
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for extracting lithium from an aqueous lithium source comprising the steps of pre-treating (S1) an aqueous lithium source (5) containing dissolved lithium ions Li+, dissolved carbonate ions C03 2-, dissolved calcium ions Ca2+ and/or dissolved magnesium ions Mg2+ by mixing the aqueous lithium source (5) with a scale inhibitor (5a), wherein the scale inhibitor (5a) is configured to inhibit the formation of solid carbonate compounds in the aqueous lithium source (5), and electrochemically extracting (S2) the dissolved lithium ions Li+ in an electrochemical cell which comprises in a housing (1): a working electrode (3), a counter electrode (4) and the pre-treated aqueous lithium source (5, 5a) as an electrolyte; wherein the working electrode (3) comprises a lithium storage material, a binder and an electrically conductive additive, and the dissolved lithium ions Li+ are intercalated from the pre-treated aqueous lithium source (5, 5a) into the lithium storage material of the working electrode (3).