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CSI reporting based on linear combination port-selection codebook

: Ramireddy, Venkatesh; Großmann, Marcus; Landmann, Markus

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EP 3855635 A1: 20200124
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A method for providing feedback about a MIMO channel between a transmitter and a receiver in a wireless communication system is described. The includes receiving, at the receiver, a radio signal via the MIMO channel, the radio signal including reference signals, like a CSI-RS signal, according to at least one reference signal configuration, the reference signal configuration being known at the receiver and indicating an antenna port or a plurality of antenna ports that is/are associated with a reference signal or a plurality of reference signals; estimating, at the receiver, the MIMO channel based on measurements on the one or more reference signals received over the plurality of antenna ports indicated in the reference signal configuration; determining, at the receiver, a precoding vector or matrix to be used at the transmitter so as to achieve a predefined property for a communication over the MIMO channel, the precoding vector or matrix being determined based on the estimated MIMO channel, on one or more vectors or one or more combinations of vectors selected from at least one port-selection codebook and on a set of precoding coefficients, wherein the port-selection codebook comprises a set of vectors, each vector being associated with one of the antenna ports and having a single element which is one and the remaining elements being zeros; and reporting, by the receiver, a feedback to the transmitter, the feedback indicating the precoding vector or matrix determined by the receiver.