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Chiplets: A Solution for the Shortage of Chips

Redaktionell betreuter Blogbeitrag auf, May 13th, 202
: Heinig, Andy

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Online im WWW, 2021
Blogbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IIS, Institutsteil Entwicklung Adaptiver Systeme (EAS) ()

While high-volume chips are expected to recover from recent shortages relatively quickly, small and medium-sized IC orders face a rocky path.
These days, there are new reports on the shortage of chips almost every day. Currently, this issue is affecting mainly car manufacturers such as Audi, Ford, and more. But other system manufacturers, such as in the machine construction industry, are also facing this challenge. Even manufacturers of mass-produced articles such as game consoles are reporting the same problems. The problem is sure to solve itself quickly for mass-produced articles by shifting production (at the chip manufacturer’s facilities) to the required chips in order to avoid high penalties or loss of reputation and image in this sector.