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Full-Duplex Tactical Information and Electronic Warfare Systems

: Pärlin, K.; Riihonen, T.; Nir, V.L.; Bowyer, M.; Ranstrom, T.; Axell, E.; Asp, B.; Ulman, R.; Tschauner, M.; Adrat, M.


IEEE Communications Magazine 59 (2021), Nr.8, S.73-79
ISSN: 0163-6804
ISSN: 1558-1896
Fraunhofer FKIE ()

Electromagnetic spectrum is a scarce resource becoming increasingly congested as information technologies advance. This is particularly concerning in the military domain, where frequencies are contested for by both CIS and EW systems. The success of NATO activities necessitates mission-critical communications with increasing throughput, hidden from enemy signals intelligence, robust against electronic attacks, and compatible with host EW tasks. In response, the NATO STO IST-175 research task group is working on the disruptive concept of FD radio technology to address those challenges. Military FD radios promise to increase the spectral efficiency and robustness of CIS and improve the performance of EW tasks through simultaneous operation and multifunctionality.