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Position Control and Force Estimation Method for Surgical Forceps Using SMA Actuators and Sensors

: Braun, D.; Weik, D.; Elsner, S.; Hunger, S.; Werner, M.; Drossel, W.-G.

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Materials 14 (2021), Nr.17, Art. 5111, 12 S.
ISSN: 1996-1944
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Minimally invasive surgery is increasingly used in many medical operations because of the benefits for the patients. However, for the surgeons, accessing the situs through a small incision or natural orifice comes with a reduction of the degrees of freedom of the instrument. Due to friction of the mechanical coupling, the haptic feedback lacks sensitivity that could lead to damage of the tissue. The approach of this work to overcome these problems is to develop a control concept for position control and force estimation with shape memory alloys (SMA) which could offer haptic feedback in a novel handheld instrument. The concept aims to bridge the gap between manually actuated laparoscopic instruments and surgical robots. Nickel-titanium shape memory alloys are used for actuation because of their high specific energy density. The work includes the manufacturing of a functional model as a proof of concept comprising the development of a suitable forceps mechanism and electronic circuit for position control and gripping force measurement, as well as designing an ergonomic user interface with haptic force feedback.