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Manufacturing and Flame Retardancy Modification of Mono-Matrix Sandwich Components

Poster presented at SAMPE, Live & Virtual Conference 2021, 28-30 September 2021, Baden/Zürich
: Kilian, Sascha; Höhne, Carl-Christoph; Menrath, Andreas; Tillner, Benjamin

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2021, 1 Folie
Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE Europe Conference) <2021, Baden>
Poster, Elektronische Publikation
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flame retardancy; thermoplastic sandwich composites; particle foams; fusion bonding

Sandwich composites offer a broad range of opportunities with regard to lightweight applications and therefore ecoefficiency. Nevertheless, due to the heterogene material mix used in conventional sandwich applications recyclability is often questioned. In this context thermoplastic mono-matrix sandwich components, where fusion bonding of the face-sheets to the core without any additional adhesive is applicable, may be a promising approach. In this work a new fusion bonding process for PP-GF-UD-tape laminate face sheets with and without flame retardants (FR) and EPP-foam core is presented. In addition, tests comparing the flame retardancy properties of single face-sheets in form of UD-tape laminates (TL) with sandwich (SW) structures are reported.