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Solution Approach for Challenges in Product Development in the Context of Emerging Cyber-Physical Systems

: Himmelstoß, Henry; Bildstein, Andreas; Schel, Daniel

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CPSL 2021, 2nd Conference on Production Systems and Logistics. Proceedings. Online resource : 10.-11.08.2021, online
Hannover: Leibniz-Universität, 2021
Conference on Production Systems and Logistics (CPSL) <2, 2021, Online>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
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Produktinnovation; Produktentwicklung; Industrie 4.0; Cyber-Physisches System (CPS)

The emergence of cyber-physical systems (CPS), cyber-physical production systems and smart products is fundamentally changing the approach to product development. The paper addresses the current challenges in the development and design of product innovations arising from the emergence of cyber-physical systems, cyber-physical production systems and smart products, and the resulting opportunities. To provide a basic overview of the existing challenges, results from studies, scientific publications and experiences from industry are described. These results from industry are obtained from project work with a globally operating German manufacturing company. In the course of these challenges, companies must reorient themselves in terms of their products, services and find their role in changing ecosystems. The aim is to show the extent to these challenges addressed in science and the state of the art. One approach to address these challenges is described in this paper using the technical concept of the asset administration shell (AAS) and the CRISP-DM methodology. The goal is to provide insights in the early stages of product creation to drive incremental innovation or product improvement to facilitate the development of successful CPS and smart products.