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Subsurface microstructural evolution during scratch testing on Bcc Iron

: Linsler, D.; Ruebeling, F.; Greiner, C.

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Metals 11 (2021), Nr.8, Art. 1258, 10 S.
ISSN: 2075-4701
European Research Council ERC
771237; TriboKey
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subsurface plastic deformation; initial stages of wear; ploughing

Subsurface microstructures influence the friction and wear behavior of metallic tribological systems, among other factors. To gain a basic understanding of the microstructural changes occurring during sliding processes, face-centered cubic model systems, for example a copper system with a sapphire sphere sliding against it, were previously characterized. Such systems showed the evolution of the dislocation self-organization phenomenon called the dislocation trace line. To test the occurrence of this dislocation arrangement in bcc metals, in this study a ruby ball was slid against electropolished bcc iron under an increasing normal load. The wear track topography and subsurface microstructure were characterized using white light interferometry and scanning transmission electron microscopy. The analysis suggested that at least for bcc iron, the evolution of a dislocation trace line is connected with the onset of pronounced plastic deformation.