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Application, release, ecotoxicological assessment of biocide in building materials and its soil microbial response

: Reiß, Fabienne; Kiefer, Nadine; Noll, Matthias; Kalkhof, Stefan

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Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 224 (2021), Art. 112707, 14 S.
ISSN: 0147-6513
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biocides; building materials; terrestrial ecotoxicological assessment; leaching; soil environment; photolytic and microbial transformation

Biocides are used in building materials to protect the building against microbial colonization and biodeterioration. However, these biocides are introduced by gradual leaching into soils in proximity of the buildings. This review discusses the aspects and characteristics of biocides from building materials in terms of (i) in-situ leaching and simulation thereof in-vitro and in-field tests, (ii) persistence, as well as photolytic and biodegradation, and its influence on toxicological evaluation, and (iii) evaluation of terrestrial toxicity by conventional ecotoxicological tests and novel holistic testing approaches. These aspects are influenced by multiple parameters, out of which water availability, physicochemical properties of microhabitats, combination of biocidal building materials, soil parameters, and composition of the soil microbiome are of utmost relevance. Deeper understanding of this multiparametric system and development of comprehensive characterization methodologies remains crucial, as to facilitate realistic assessment of the environmental impact of biocides used in construction materials and the corresponding degradation byproducts.