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Total Synthesis and Structure Revision of (−)-Avicennone C

: Kleiner, Y.; Hammann, P.; Becker, J.; Bauer, A.; Pöverlein, C.; Schuler, S.M.M.


The journal of organic chemistry : JOC 85 (2020), Nr.20, S.13108-13120
ISSN: 0022-3263
ISSN: 1520-6904
Fraunhofer IME ()

All four possible stereoisomers of the natural product (−)-avicennone C were synthesized using two different methods for ring closure. The absolute stereochemistry was elucidated unambiguously by comparison of the analytical data with those of the reported natural product and by single X-ray crystal diffraction of synthetic intermediates. The proposed structure needed to be revised with regard to the absolute configuration of the stereogenic center bearing the secondary hydroxyl group. The reported synthesis offers a flexible, selective, and efficient access to all possible stereoisomers and may be of value for the stereoselective synthesis of other epoxyquinone natural products.