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Vacuum gripper without central compressed air supply

: Schaffrath, R.; Jäger, E.; Winkler, G.; Doant, J.; Todtermuschke, M.

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Procedia CIRP 97 (2021), S.76-80
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference of Assembly Technology and Systems (CATS) <8, 2020, Online>
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Compressed air operated industrial equipment has been always an important part of car body production. Advantages of compressed air powered tools are their robust construction, low-cost manufacturing as well as high performances especially forces at a minimum of construction size. Disadvantages are high operating costs, due to pressure losses in case of leakage, high installation costs and intricate cabling especially at highly flexible manufacturing systems. As a result, many automobile manufacturers aiming for a reduction of air powered production tools or even air free automobile manufacturing systems. Against this background a new concept of a vacuum grippers will be presented, which does not need central compressed air supply. Results of the development of suction cups will be shown, which are based on mechanical air displacement inspired by artificial muscles. Furthermore, a control of clusters of new suction cups with artificial intelligence is given.