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Interpolation of CPT data supported by 3D seismic data for offshore soil characterization

: Werpup Oguro, A.; Keil, H.; Spiess, V.; Preu, B.; Herwig, V.; Wenau, S.


European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers -EAGE-:
NSG2020 4th Applied Shallow Marine Geophysics Conference : December 7-8, 2020
Houten: EAGE, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-71382427-5
5 S.
Applied Shallow Marine Geophysics Conference <4, 2020, Online>
Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition (NSG) <2020, Online>
Fraunhofer IWES ()

The design and installation of offshore infrastructure such as WTG foundations requires a sound knowledge of the geological character of the sub-seafloor. The layout changes undertaken after the geotechnical campaign require the assessment of the geotechnical properties on not directly investigated locations within the windfarm area. In this study, we developed a flow to interpolate the quantitative interpretation from the 1D geotechnical data into a 3D volume. We apply synthetic seismograms calculated from available and interpolated geotechnical information and seismic wavelet derived from the seismic data to quantify the interpolation quality.